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Samuel Lock

Los Angeles, California

Creative Director

"If you give me a lever and a place to stand, I can move the world" - Archimedes 

Samuel Lock is a founding team member and the Creative Director at SQS. He is a 6 year army aviation veteran with 3 overseas tours under his belt.  One in South Korea, and 2 in Afghanistan with the 101st, all while getting his associates degree in business administration while deployed. After his service, he found his calling in media and entertainment when he enrolled at Loyola Marymount University and became an undergraduate for film and television production, and theater arts.  Samuel Lock was the first student to walk with both degrees from the school. While in school, Samuel started Steam Bunny Productions, and got his start in his profession crafting videos and narratives for non-profit organizations Feeding America and Boys and Girls Club of America.


After Graduation, Samuel Lock started working in practical effects under Chris Bailey of Efx, working with Blumhouse, Youtube Red, and other major studios.  In 2017, He had his son Sebastian. It was at this point Sam pivoted to marketing, where he delved into big data elements, how the customer journey operates, and learning how to utilize social media strategy and analytics to optimize viewership, all while continuing to pitch scripts in hollywood. In 2019, Samuel landed at The Designory as a video strategist for automotive brands.  6 months after that, the pandemic hit the globe. Utilizing what he knew about algorithms and optimization, Samuel took the video programs under his purview, and generated a strategic focus on the consumer understanding of automotive during a world under covid.  As a result, viewership of his video programs increased 150% during a time when no one was driving.


Sam Left Designory after deciding that the knowledge and skill set he had obtained over the years could be created into specialized services. Since 2021, Samuel has operated as a service provider and consultant for brands, businesses and influencers, working in several different industries to include legal, health, technology, entertainment, small business, startups, and non-profit.

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