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So what is Quantum Networking?

Traditional Networks: 


Traditional networks, grounded in classical computing paradigms, transmit and process data through deterministic pathways using classical bits. While reliable for many applications, their Achilles' heel lies in the vulnerability of classical cryptographic protocols. As computing power advances, traditional networks face an escalating threat from algorithms capable of rapid factorization, jeopardizing the integrity of encrypted data. This inherent susceptibility mandates a paradigm shift to fortify against emerging cryptographic vulnerabilities and uphold data security in an evolving technological landscape.

Quantum Network: 


In contrast, quantum networks leverage the principles of quantum superposition and entanglement to transmit information using qubits. Qubits exist in multiple states simultaneously, allowing for parallel processing and, crucially, providing inherent quantum key distribution (QKD) capabilities. QKD ensures secure communication channels, as any attempt to eavesdrop or measure the quantum state alters it, providing an immediate indication of unauthorized access.

Why Quantum Matters for High Security Industries: 


For industries with stringent security requirements, the quantum network introduces the concept of quantum-resistant cryptography. The ability to deploy persistent quantum security is integral in safeguarding sensitive data against future threats posed by quantum computers capable of breaking classical cryptographic algorithms. Moreover, the quantum network's inherent parallelism enhances computational capabilities, delivering quantum speed and performance without compromising security.


This amalgamation of quantum-resistant cryptography and high-speed data transmission establishes quantum networks as a pivotal advancement for industries prioritizing both security and computational efficiency. It serves as a robust solution for the impending era of quantum computing, ensuring data confidentiality and integrity in the face of evolving technological landscapes.


Ready to embrace the quantum paradigm for unassailable security and performance? 


Core Components of Our Quantum Internet


The SQS Quantum Internet delivers the ultimate in secure global communications over a quantum channel applied to the platform technical infrastructure. This infrastructure is the foundation of our quantum production system.

SQS Quantum Safe Environment - The Foundation

Secures the processing activity of your systems and data with a quantum cryptographic shell that remains in force everywhere on the SQS production system in a highly persistent, fault tolerant distributed architecture. SQS supports the ability to intermix evolving quantum computing technologies with classic silicon processing systems. This one value alone opens the door to the practical application of the massive power of distributed quantum computers, from software to front line hardware.

SQS Quantum Information Technology - Digital Governance

With secure communication comes increased criticality of data in the communication and processing streams - this is the result of the new junction of quantum technologies and information technologies. SQS brings certainty to the digital operation of emergent technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, and doing so at machine speed. These values directly benefit many archetypes that require highly persistent security and performance such as Warfighter support, protection of national personnel files, acceleration of digital engineering, protecting rocket engine tech, and highly classified strategic / national systems.

SQS Digital Ecosystem - Interoperability (Quantum style)

We bring it all together through the SQS Digital Ecosystem,

interoperating and integrating across industries, nations, and economies. Your organization has the opportunity to realize compound exponential results in a collaborative many-to-many digital system, suitable for development of national and critical technologies.

Our Quantum Internet - Conceptual Overview

Terrestrial Quantum Infrastructure

Physical Layer of terrestrial Quantum Internet. Minimal Capacity, maximum terrestrial span. 

Orbital Quantum Infrastructure

Constellation layer of Quantum Internet. QSE/Compute: continental, orbital, space

Quantum Safe Environment (QSE)

100% cloud, quantum safe workspace with loads, communications, sustainable power, and Quantum Information Technology

Our QX Factor 



Our quantum key distribution system provides secure encryption that cannot be hacked. It has the potential to revolutionize the entire cybersecurity industry.

Quantum Infrastructure as a Service

Our back to basics quantum powered infrastructure and data pod model, built from the ground up, eliminating fractures of today's technology weak spots.

End to End

We are an end to end platform model - we go beyond IaaS to creating a Digital Ecosystem spanning industries and nations. 

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