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Erin Delacroix

Saratoga, California

Head of Product Design

“Leave the smallest footprint in the world and create
the biggest thumbprint in life”

Erin Delacroix stands as a luminary figure in the tech industry, embodying the essence of a "portfolio career" championed by Reid Hoffman. Juggling a diverse array of roles, Erin has carved a path of excellence and adaptability while navigating the intricate landscape of Silicon Valley. Her dynamic career includes serving as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) at Andreessen Horowitz, advising at Abbott Laboratories, collaborating internationally with Great Britain’s thinktank, and spearheading innovative projects like the original user experience for Playlab AI. Simultaneously, she's ventured into luxury real estate with The Agency RE and joined forces with Secured Quantum Services (SQS).

Erin's professional journey is studded with notable accomplishments, boasting seven U.S. patents and earning prestigious industry design awards. Notably, her pioneering work in Augmented Reality (AR) at eBay and subsequent contributions to LinkedIn's mobile and nonprofit initiatives showcase her innovative spirit and leadership prowess. Her impact extended to revitalizing LinkedIn's brand, establishing crucial teams, and championing mentorship within the tech community, particularly through initiatives like Women in Tech.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Erin is deeply engaged in her community, serving as an elected Board Director for her city's Chamber of Commerce and advocating for policy influence. Her recent foray into real estate and media production exemplifies her multifaceted approach to career development, blending her tech expertise with creative pursuits. Furthermore, Erin's commitment to global education and communication resonates in her parenting philosophy, nurturing her daughters to become well-rounded individuals with a global perspective.

In essence, Erin Delacroix's journey epitomizes the art of balancing multiple roles while leaving an indelible mark across industries. As a trailblazer and nurturing mother, she inspires future leaders with her unwavering dedication and innovative spirit, transcending boundaries to shape a brighter future.

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