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Anessa Funk Headshot.jpeg

Anessa Funk

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Head of Customer Development 

“What you do in life echoes in eternity”


Anessa is a founding member and Head of Customer Development at SQS. Her goal is to build relationships through exercising Strategy and implementation with each business on the current state to target Digital Footprint. She specializes in migration of digital platforms in order to build a solid business continuity plan for the many Business verticals that desire to move forward into a true zero trust environment.

Anessa has gained her experience in FinTech and Life Sciences and Health Care by migrating hospital Electronic Healthcare and Electronic Medical records to the cloud as well a background in Cyber Security. She is dedicated to the evolution of mankind’s use of Digital Service Providers to elevate business security as well as overall goals for a Network truly secure from all others. Anessa has participated in technological growth roadmaps for Hospitality, Healthcare, Financial, Media and Key Infrastructure along with providing many RFPs to Government and State level organizations.

Her goal is to apply her life to create a foundation for the future of technology to operate with true operational efficiency across the Globe.

When Anessa is not working, her interests include playing fetch with her dog as well as creating new recipes and baking delicious bread!

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