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We are building the future today - one quantum leap at a time.

At SQS, we are on a mission to revolutionize the way the world communicates and transfers data.


With our game changing technology, we are building a global quantum internet that offers unparalleled security, lightning-fast speeds, and real life applicability of quantum technology.

The SQS Quantum Internet


Unhackable Quantum Security 

The SQS quantum internet  brings a new standard to securing communication and data transfer through our quantum-safe environment, eliminating unauthorized access and data breaches for good. 


SuperFast Communication and Sensing

Utilizing the principles of quantum entanglement in the transfer of information, SQS facilitates lightning-fast, nearly instantaneous communication and data transmission, revolutionizing compute utility technology from the ground up. 


Advancing Quantum in today's world

The SQS global quantum internet will pave the way for real life applicability and execution of unprecedented advancements in quantum computing. SQS is not just countering cyber security threats; we're redesigning the digital world at its core.

What is a Quantum Internet?


Get involved

Join our team

We are always looking for talented individuals passionate about quantum tech to join our team. Send us a message with your area of expertise and interest and we will get in touch!

Collaborate with us

Partner with us to drive innovation and develop cutting-edge quantum solutions. Let's unlock the full potential of quantum networking together.

Invest in our start up

Invest in the future of quantum networking. Join us on our mission to reshape the world of communication and data transfer. Get in touch via our Contact Page

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