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A new era of digital inter-dependencies and interoperability is beckoning.

The Engine of Digital Power

Graphic Spiral

Emerging Trends

Systems of digital interoperation across global society announce dramatic shifts unlocking new possibilities of societal prosperity.

The faults in internet 1.0 have opened the doors to transnational cyber attacks from nations with nefarious motives.  Advancement in societal digital development is stalling with the security of nations at risk.

An outdated technologies are being used in a military approach against the developing and consuming nations.  More of the same is not only not working, but complacency threatens nations.

Blue Background

Emerging Technologies & Demands

Quantum Science is producing usable and transforming technologies which require time to realize value and mature.

A New Era

Dx Acceleration

Internet 1.0

Tech does not inherently incorporate the photon based quantum technologies.  Physical properties require a different technical architecture.

Adoption of digital services into society drives acceleration of Security, Cybersecurity, and Trust, to new levels of capability and persistence, all operating at the speed of interaction.

1 Trillion

Growth of connected devices, expected to reach 1 trillion by 2030, sustainably powering this growth is unresolved.

A new era of digital inter-dependencies and interoperability require an equally new generation of tools to bridge and assure the interaction of organizations across digital.


The security of nations traversed economies at digital speed.

The undisputed cybersecurity of free nations actually delivered better/faster/cheaper economic systems; where the organizations in all domains could grow their economies, confident in their cybersecurity, creating new wealth, value, and trust between their societies at the speed of digital.

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