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Go Beyond!

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In the Internet/Web Era,
"More of the same is not working!"

Welcome to the Digital Economy

Welcome to
Secured Quantum Services

We are Trust - the foundation of Digital Economy.  

We deliver the systems and resources for global scale cloud based Digital Economy and the means to safely tap into the massive transfer of wealth that is beginning today.


We fuse:

  • Leading Digital Engineering,

  • Quantum Technologies

  • Premium Security

  • Business Models

  • Economic Practice

  • Scale

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Future Proof Infrastructure


Integrated ESG

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Digital Economy Delivered

  • Premium Security

  • High perfomance

  • Low latency

  • Global scale

  • Digital GRC

  • Professionally

  • Fully hosted

  • No Capex

  • 100% green energy power capable.

  • Energy Efficient

  • Circular economy - recovery tech waste part of the program

Digital ecosystem


  • Leadership

  • Resources

  • Subject Expertise

  • Cloud native apps

  • Technologies

  • Services

  • Markets

  • Trust based integration

  • Continuous Digital Compliance

  • Many-sided Digital markets

  • Compound exponential network effects

  • Full Organization Fidelity at digital speed

  • Distributed organizations-- anywhere with full fidelity.

ENABLE full spectrum Digital Economic support

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Current State

Platform Safe

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Digital Ecosystem

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Digital Economy

Baseline of the organization's current business and technology.


  • Set digital goals

  • Initial roject plan

  • Budgets

  • Schedule

  • Partners

Safe space reducing  security expenditure, 100% cloud, expand resources.


  • Quantum Safe Environment, Zero Trust state default.

  • 100% cloud / fabrics  environment.

  • Global reach . 

  • Immediate cost savings

  • Immediate security

  • Accelerate digital

  • No lock-in

  • Continuous Compliance 

The Digital Ecosystem extends the organization's growing Sector capability.


  • Distributed Organization Secure & compliant digital 
    operations w qualified partners

  • Digital & autonomous revenue generation.

  • Sector/Jurisdiction

    based digital autonomy.

  • Ecosystem based market meta-data

Global digital economy.  Conduct interaction & transaction wherever partners are capable.  Digital network effects, end-to-end capability. 

  • Digitally reach many conforming jurisdictions  - no extra effort. 

  • Interact & transact across any conferment ecosystem & trading partner.

  • Meta-data spanning global economy.

SQS Outstanding Benefits

SQS Wins When Participants in the Digital Economy Win.

Secured Quantum Services wins by delivering a Compute Utility foundation of safe and reliable digital power.  This new generation of infrastructure is deigned from the ground up for premium security and digital economy.  The goal is a compute utility that delivers safe and scalable foundation of the new generation of digital economy.


Upon that Compute Utility, SPS delivers a new generation of digital economy enabling applications enabling organizations to plug into the digital economy, not having to build it by themselves.


We build and operate the Digital Ecosystems, there governance and enforcement systems that organizations interact with and accelerate their digital operations, and revenue.

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

Ready for the best?  Let us know - we're here, we have answers, and solutions.

Our Partners

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