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Our Mission

To be the world’s most business centric company where customers securely realize their digital and technology aspirations.  Simply and affordably deliver the customers total technology production resource freeing them to focus on core competencies.

Our Story

Even as new web-based business's were being created and realizing massive revenues, we recognized that the potential of the internet was untapped.  As systems administrators and transformation leaders, we were routinely challenged by customers asking to put their regulated and confidential data into cloud space, and having to routinely decline.  The problem remains even more acute today. 


This challenge has driven 19 years of research and development into understanding what that "next level" is - and how to get there.  From this, we have developed means to deliver security, compliance, and economic growth using the most advanced technologies and out of the box thinking.  The answer it turns out, is "Not more of the same".

Secured Quantum Services aims to be a leader of Digital Economics, protected and amplified by quantum technologies, in the fast paced and challenging world of technology, and global economy.


The SQS founding team has direct experience leading digital transformation projects of the fortune 10 companies, created, implemented, and operated new and radically different systems of business's and their business models.  Our team has operated at very  high levels of the nations security organizations.

Collectively, we claim experience dealing with the toughest of nation-state challenges, international scale technology and business creation, and well understands the risks of transforming the largest of the large corporations.

Experienced Leadership

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