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Sean Novak

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Application Developer

“Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth…”

Sean is an Application Developer and founding member of Secured Quantum Services, a global Platform holding company and organization. He is committed to innovating new ways for individuals and organizations to conduct business securely in an increasingly digital world.


Sean currently works full time as an Application Developer for SQS, where he leads development in the Quantum Information Technology and Systems Development areas.


As a Software Engineer, Sean has always strived to use his expertise to create more than just average products, instead seeking to use his experience and passion to innovate and disrupt on levels beyond what was previously thought possible. He looks forward to bringing his skills to SQS, where he can help revolutionize the way the world sees Cloud Technology and more.

In his spare time, Sean enjoys hiking, exercise, playing piano, cooking, and generally being a tech enthusiast.

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