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Raymond N. Schouten

Colorado Springs, Colorado

CEO, Chief Architect, Co Founder

Raymond N. Schouten (“Ray”) is the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Architect for Secured Quantum Services
From early days, Ray has possessed an internal drive to learn and challenge the construction and operation of structure – building, vehicles, systems, space; typically leading to an attempt to understand and improve the design – young person’s arrogance! That drive manifested into an education as Aviation Technician and later aerospace engineering from the technically recognized Northrop University, Los Angeles, and degree in Business Administration with Marketing minor from National University, San Diego.  He attributes much of these internal drives to a colorful family history of achievers including: Phd /Professor of Economics, Sr. Director (computer) Systems Engineering, Vice President Engineering, Commander – USN, Director Manufacturing, Judges, and Chief Architect National Railway System (the advanced tech of the day!).

Recognizing the potential for even greater benefit, Ray has applied 17 years of efforts to solve the problem of data and systems security in cloud and the evolving digital era.  He is pioneering a new field of Digital Economics, commercializing the power of Quantum technologies to security and computing to further benefit of global digital economy.

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