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Dive Into the New Age of Platform based Products

About Platform based products

Platform based products are a collaboration of the Platform operator and the functionality / collaboration partner.  The net result to the customer is a fully cloud based and rich / focused feature set reflecting the collaboration of of digital and technology.  These combinations are unachievable in the web based world.  The full benefit and extent to the collaboration is reflective of the relationship and largely the capabilities of the Platform environment. 

SQS is the leading Digital Economic platform building Trust, GRC and Security into the core infrastructure so that the collaborating participants are able to meet security and GRC service levels.  Further, the intermix and confidence in attainment of advertised product capability is impossible to achieve and/or manage in the current cloud world, on-prem, hybrid, or fully cloud. 


The issue is not the cloud, the issue is the economic platform that builds upon the cloud technology.  This is the space where the SQS Digital Economic Platform shines.  

Platform Products

The Platform develops and operated solutions of it's own.  Generally, the goal of platform based solutions are to enable and/or accelerate the benefits to the consuming Participant.  

Categorically, these address Infrastructure, cross product/service functionality, and those capabilities that cannot be bridged by the independent parties. 

Mist notable of these is the Common Virtual Environment (CVE).  The CVE is the digital environment of an Organization operating on Platform.  The CVE is in effect, the virtual container for the organization linking the Security, GRC, and Trust systems of Platform to the Organization. 

Participant Products

Platform Digital-Economic solutions embody the best of enablement.  Through these, the Participant is able to optimize the economic potential using digital technologies.  

Example of this category is the Ecosystem application Solution.  The Ecosystem is a digital application that  is deeply integrated into both Platform and Participant.  The Participant realized value from the Ecosystem for those functions that interconnect trading partners. 

We grow Ecosystems, which grow you

In the Digital Economy, every Organization is part of an Ecosystem.  On the SQS Platform,  each Ecosystem is focused, typically on a industry vertical focus.  Through that Ecosystem, the Organization connects to other Ecosystems.  The linked relationship connects the Organization to a mryiad of resouces with minimal effort. 

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