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Steven Narvet

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Quantum Physicist, Co Founder

Steven is involved in researching and developing innovative quantum technologies including Quantum Key Distribution, Quantum Random Number Generation, Post-Quantum Cryptography, and more. He works closely with other research team members to test and refine these technologies, focusing on improving their performance and reliability in a digital network.

Steven also has experience in the financial industry which includes complex financial analysis, portfolio management, and client planning. His combined knowledge of mathematics, physics, and finance has allowed him to relate the three together to show correlations between Key Performance Indicators and the emergence of new quantum

technologies. He is an excellent communicator, able to explain complex scientific concepts to both technical and non-technical audiences. This allows him to identify potential problems and devise practical solutions when implementing quantum technology into industries today.

During his free time, Steven loves to rock climb outside with friends, snowboard over blue-bird weekends, and travel to places he’s never visited where he enjoys meeting new people and getting himself into exciting adventures.

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